Weekly Summary #9

(And this one’s super on time!)

This week was a light load, relatively speaking. My process with a lot of this week’s work was slow and steady. Much of my prep work was laid out earlier in the week and I rapid-fire finished everything that was left on Friday! It’s like slowly pulling back a rubberband and then letting it snap forward, y’know?

Of these assignments, I actually took the opportunity to collaborate with a classmate of mine, the one and only  , proprietor of That Spooky Blog! We decided to write haikus and each tackled one! They were thematically related and I’m pleased with the work we did there. It was fairly simple, but required thought as all poetry should. Here’s a link to the goodness that is our combined artistry.

I also worked on a t-shirt design and gave it a familiar backstory. In this, Victor’s longtime friend (or perhaps ex-friend) Aaron of the Grade A Gruesome troupe gifted him the shift a few years after their meeting. I’d say it’s rather touching, given what happens later between the two. Here’s a look at the post detailing that!

And then there’s the assignment using Kumu! I used it to create a character map of suspects involved in Victor’s supposed death. He, however, is very much alive. Victor filed a report with the police who acknowledge the attack, but aren’t convinced that the GAG group had anything to do with it. Pft, whatever, right? They currently have a barebones map of the individuals involved in their attempt to figure our who’s responsible.

Shocking! This just in about my beloved host character Victor! Apparently some of the rumors surrounding his longevity seem to hold true. Apparently he formerly went by the name James Rives and, before joining the DS106 crowd, had a wanted poster created for his bounty! Sheesh!

I also wrote up a short review for a radio show that I listened to this week! With that came some livetweets during the show– here are just a few.

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