Weekly Summary #6

This week was a rough one. I learned quite a lot about myself through our assignments. One, that I appreciate the aesthetics and value of visual art. Two, that I’m not very good at the execution of design. I was much better when I wasn’t out of practice.

Anyways, I had some fun (when I wasn’t frustrating myself) with this week’s assignments! Reading through the Vignelli Canon was an interesting and informative way to spend about an hour of my time. I’ve always been at least somewhat intrigued by the nature of art in our society and the ways we can go about producing and displaying it. Even through the making of books, the types of paper used and the designs involved become chief.

My response on the subject should reflect what I’ve learned. I hope you find something interesting about it and that we can discuss it! Here’s a link!

Responding to The Planet of the Vampires was equally interesting, honestly, because I don’t find myself thinking critically about movies too often. When I do I try to make sure that my insights are substantial and that they’re both informed and as objective as possible (meaning that, while preference is important, I recognize that something is done well even if I don’t like it). I’d say it was a great pick for this week’s viewing.

My greatest challenge came in the form of our star assignments. I’d already made it a habit to try at least one 4-star assignment per week and this week I did three assignments total, for an even amount of 12 stars.

The first of these was the “Who are YOU?!” assignment. I can easily say this was the most difficult part because I have no clue how best to describe myself through image. I knew exactly which ones I wanted to use, but to say I did a good job with that would be an extremely generous offering. Regardless, this was about an hour and a half of me trying to find a way to properly place these images together. I had a spark of inspiration, after misunderstanding the rectangle selection tool for the fourth time, that led to me wanting to make the eyes a focus between the different parts. I had each image on a separate layer and I wanted each image to have a transparent background so make combining them easier. I wasn’t sure how to do that (I’ll learn soon, I promise), so I instead, I just followed by gut. Now, by no means am I happy with what I did, but that doesn’t mean I’m not proud. I’ll definitely touch it up later and make it even cooler! VOILA!

Next would be the Make Your Own Wallpaper assignment. Simple, yet fun! I used GIMP for this, too. I detailed my process here.

I also did the Make Your Own Maze. I’d like to think that my maze was pretty decent, especially for a first shot at it. I used paint and made my lines with the line tool (some were made with rectangles). I decided that a pentagon would be an interesting shape for it, so I just rolled with the decision. Here’s the final product.

Shifting over to the more sentimental side of this week, I also had a bit of fun with the Love At First Shot assignment. I wrote a short story about a picture of a couple that I found from Bing and had some fun with it! Hopefully you will, too. Here, for your reading pleasure.

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  1. Hey, do you want to join the group I’m putting together for the radio show assignment? I was going to ask Scott Clower also because we went to the same high school.

  2. I don’t know of any limit on the number but I think anything over 6 people would be too many. Well I’m looking to join a group if you don’t have too many in your group already. No worries if there are though 🙂

  3. If I don’t hear back by 6, I’ll probably try to get some other people instead just cuz apparently we need to have our groups finalized by tonight. Let me know!

  4. It looks like my group already has four people in it and we decided to cap it there, so unfortunately I won’t be able to join your group. I’m sorry!

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