Weekly Summary #11

This week was filled with a lot of video and audio editing, but I can’t say that it wasn’t fun. I made all of these in Windows Movie Maker with audio courtesy of YouTube. Of the many assignments I chose to do to fulfill my star total of 16, I present to you the following:

First would be the Selfie Story, an assignment that was worth 4.5 stars.

It was a simple WMM job and I had fun making it. I was originally sitting in class when I decided to start documenting my day after a classmate said some… peculiar things. Read about my Selfie Story here! 4.5 stars.

Then came the Lip-Syncing video. My friends have already caught wind of the video and find it hilarious. Here’s hoping that you do, too. 3.5 stars.

Up next is The Moving Object. I honestly just like the way my mouse looks and its much easier to see the cool lights in the dark.  3.5 stars.

And then there’s the High School Memories assignment, rounding out my total to an even 16 stars.

My Daily Creates

My compilation of comments!

1.) Here! 

2.) Then, this one!

3.) And this one. 

4.) Here! 

5.) But let’s not forget this one!

6.) Another wonderful addition.

7.) Probably my favorite.

8.) We’re almost through!


10.) FIN


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