Weekly Summary 10

This week was one of my more creative ones, but it also got a little personal. I’m not a fan of video assignments, even after having to get down and dirty with some of them, but that’s largely due to my stagefright!

Anyways, I did 10 stars worth of assignments this week. The first of these was a message to my 16-year-old self. For some wise insights that may or may not apply to you, feel free to listen here! I used Windows Movie Maker to record myself but had some problems with recording audio that was native to the program. I was able to use the Windows 10 Audio Recorder to get my wonderful voice captured, but I wasn’t able to sync it with what I’d recorded. C’est la vie, I suppose…

Next was the Instant Replay! I took an old YouTube classic and trimmed the video in WMM, adding the pivotal scene once more near the end and slowing it down to 0.5x. Here’s the final product in all its splendor. And my post on it: here.

Last, but not least: I gave Metal Gear Solid 4 the ol’ Chipmunk Style treatment. Taking an emotional scene from the end of the game, I used WMM to speed the video up to 2.0x speed.  Appropriately, I titled the post “I feel badly.”

Better than all of that, though, is my video essay. Please, enjoy my insight into a scene from The Shining loosely following Roger Ebert’s essay on ‘How to Read A Movie.’  I struggled to find the appropriate words to express my ideas, but I’d like to think I did a fairly decent job eventually getting some of my points across. Here it is! And my post concerning it can be found here.

Go ahead and check out my classmates’ blogs! They’ve done some mighty nice work this week.












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