Visual Storytelling

Using my time this week, I’ve reflected on how little I’ve actually dabbled into photography. Aside from participating in this week’s assignments, I rarely ever take photos on my own. I’ve taken the occasional selfie and I’ll gladly hop into a photo with a friend, but I can scarcely admit that I’m the mastermind behind the camera very often. When I do take pictures, however, it’ll usually be of something involving the outdoors– perhaps  nice sunset or an interesting cloud.

If I had to say I had a certain approach to photography, though, it would have to be symmetry and lightning especially. My approach is generally to center the subject of my images and then decide if I’m going to change the angles or not. Depending on however I get the best lighting or whatever seems best to come. I haven’t ever tried to capture a specific emotion with my pictures, though. I don’t think I’m skilled enough at this point to get away with trying it yet. To improve my photography I feel it would be best to further study/understand the overall composition of an image and becoming better acquainted with the different nuances involved. The one thing I can say that I recognize about photography (and a lot of art, in general) is that a lot of smaller pieces come together to make the larger piece more unified.

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