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For this assignment, I decided to put a little twist on it. Working with¬†, we created a couple of pretty awesome haikus as told by our host characters. Here, you get a little bit of their personality through verse. (Victor sure loves his coffee, that’s for sure)

Cascade into night,

Denizens of almost dawn,

And bring some coffee


Bitter words unbound,

Not unlike the taste when cold,

Glad to share this street.

Can you tell who wrote which part?

This assignment was worth 3 stars.

Go the Echidna (Try to guess the 10 random words!)


In a land filled to the brim with magic and wonder, it was no surprise that some creatures found themselves more well-adjusted than others. One such creature was an incredibly intelligent echidna named Go. He was a simple mammal that spent most of his time combing his mohawk and doing pushups. Whenever he wasn’t studying to control the arcane, that is. Whether by coincidence or fate, one day Go met a peculiar fellow that seemed to be in need. The man was hung low over a ¬†bench as if hungover or nauseous, whille flowers in full bloom magically sprouted around him. In the man’s hand was a bronze ball, smooth and cold to the touch. What Go soon realized that the sick man was a messenger for someone important. He was apparently delivering a ransom for that important person’s daughter who’d been kidnapped the night prior. It only seemed logical for Go to check on the man and see if he was well. Fortunately for the both of them, the man was. He introduced himself as Clyde, a psuedonym he used because his real name was apparently too addictive. Having forged a new bond of friendship, Clyde and Go sat for a moment while the former waited for the poison that sicked him to clear from his system. It was an odd magical brew that was meant to kill him slowly by inducing vomiting but instead made wildlife grow. After resting up, the two decided to set off to finish Clyde’s mission. Until a large, black bird crossed their path…. (to be continued)

Today’s lunch…

With Instagram down, I suppose it’s still my duty to inform my loyal audience of my most delicious meal. Fortunately for you all my literary chops have granted me the ability to give you what you’ve asked for!

I made myself a delicious pasta today, starting with a homemade tomato sauce seasoned with oregano, salt, pepper, basil, a little chili powder (and love <3). I let it all simmer for a while to get it mingling before I chopped up some raw beef and browned it in a pan. Before it got too comfy, I invited some onions to the party and let them get acquainted before combining the meat-veggie duo with the sauce of their dreams. Then came the pasta– a standard Penne. I started the water off with a splash of olive oil and some salt and once it came to a boil, BOOM, the whole box of pasta went in (I can’t let my roommates miss out on this, can I?).

Now, enough about the process. I’m sure you’re dying to know how it looked and tasted, right? Well, it was a mighty fine product I say. Imagine the noodles being perfectly tender as they cascade amidst the tomato sauce and Italian herbs. The noodle-y grooves of the Penne seemed to soak in the flavor and the chunks of beef and onion were molto bene, my friends.