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Tutorial: How to Create Your Own Lip-Sync Video!

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to give a quick, written tutorial on how to create video of yourself lip-syncing your favorite songs! Now, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to start on such a daunting task… well, no worries! That’s what I’m here for.

To begin, make sure you have some type of video recording software on hand. If not, Google something! I used Windows Movie Maker and it worked like a charm. Other than that, you may or may not have to record your audio separately. With Windows Movie Maker, my webcam and microphone worked in tandem to both record my background audio and capture my rugged charm.

If you’ve got that all squared away, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. If this is a song you’ve got completely memorized, feel free to ignore this step, but if not, it always (ALWAYS!) helps to have a lyric video pulled up on YouTube or have the lyrics otherwise in front of you. Because you’ll be looking into the camera anyways (or near it, at least), you can easily disguise the fact that you’re reading within a few takes.

Go ahead and record yourself with the music playing in the background or add it in manually later*, And once you’ve finished recording, save the file to your computer and then to a clearly marked folder. From there, you can either keep this treasure to yourself or upload it to YouTube for the world to appreciate!

* For those interested in manually adding in music later, the quickest and best way is to use some form of YouTube to MP3 conversion site (there are probably tens if not hundreds). Once you’ve shared the link to the video and downloaded the file, click and drag it into your video recording software and sync it up properly with your video! And there you have it, folks. Simple, easy, and effective.