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A t-shirt design like no other!

Much like myself, Victor is also an avid fan of the series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (though only a select few know this). For one of his birthdays, a friend of his made him a shirt. To tell you the truth, it was Aaron! A mighty long five years ago, when they first met before founding the Grade A Gruesome group. Oh, how long it’s been since then.

If you’d like to see the shirt, here it is!

This was a design assignment and was worth 3 stars.


Have you ever seen those crime shows that organize a case using a suspect board? Like Scandal or Blacklist? Well, that’s exactly what this assignment is. You will create a suspect board (or a board that connects different characters) to show interaction between the people. Feel free to add text, objects, and locations that connect to the people/characters to develop the story even more. Make sure that the board clearly shows how the pieces are connected, and in your post, explain the story behind it.


Those former cohorts of mine at Grade A Gruesome left me for dead. No mere horde of zombies would be enough to in Victor Berathean! Of course not… I filed a formal complaint with the local police department, and thanks to my influence they’ve been working the case quite thoroughly. However, they seem to have ignored me telling them who was responsible! So, instead, they created this suspect chart.

Maybe some day I’ll find justice! If not, I’ll gladly take it into my own hands!

(insert evil laugh here, if you want)


For this assignment, I used Kumu to create my character map. I was inspired by Nora’s post and decided to let Victor have a turn at the wheel with this one. This assignment is worth 3.5 stars.

My DS106 Wallpaper!

For the star assignment, Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper, I did just that! I started with an image that I found using Bing and opened it in GIMP. From there, I went to DaFont.com to download a new typeface to use! I couldn’t figure out how to properly install it and my impatience got the better of me… BUT! I did manage to create a wallpaper. I like the way that the blue and white balance and the circles create a peaceful feeling, for lack of a better description. My good old DS106 tag near the top felt well-placed, too.

Here’s a link to it!

My A-Maze-ing Puzzle

I can truthfully say that I’ve never attempted to make a maze before. As a first attempt, I used paint. Short, simple, to the point. I used the line tool to make most of the segments that you’ll see, but I also decided to use the rectangle tool and then make careful erasures for some of the more complex shapes. It took about ten minutes to complete and there’s still much more that can be done to it.

Here it is, for those of you brave enough to attempt it!

Who am I?

This assignment revolved around expressing who you are in a single image. I find myself to be very complicated, so this took me a while. Most of the time actually went into trying to hone myself and accurately portray myself. As far as introductions go, I’d say this one was a fairly decent product. I found the images through Google and saved them directly to a folder I had labeled “DS106 WEEK 6.” From there, I uploaded the images into GIMP and spread them out.

This was honestly the most challenging and upsetting thing I’ve tried to do in a long while.

Anyway, after I’d compiled the images into one space, I tried to arrange them neatly (and went back and forth between Paint and GIMP to see what I thought looked best). I settled on GIMP because I’m a professional individual. And as an added bonus, I gave myself a royal purple background, as it’s my favorite color. To explain what each piece of the image means, however, look to the following:

J – The J in my name can relate to Josuke Higashikata, a character from the series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and the 4th (of 8) protagonists. He’s one of my favorite fictional characters and I feel as though I’d act a lot like him.

A – The A is for action. My life is packed with it and I’m always fighting crime.

M – The M is for muscles because I’m pretty damn strong. I’m sort of like a firmly rooted tree or a boulder in that sense. In other words, I rock. I also thought it would be funny to add the muscley torso to the explosion because an extremely jacked fire just sounds frightening.

E – Eagle. Two reasons: 1.) I’m a student at UMW, as are most of us here. And 2.) I’m just that fly.

S – Smooth. This is an image of Kazuhira Miller from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Hopefully, I don’t have to explain why his visage evokes the meaning of smooth.

And last, but not least: TA-DA!