Audio in Storytelling

Truth be told, audio is an extremely crucial part of storytelling in my opinion. Why do I say that? Ambience. When I imagine someone telling a story, some concepts are better perceived when heard. For example, someone’s voice can sometimes give insight into their character through intonation, inflection and pauses while speaking. In addition to that, music and sound effects work well to create atmosphere. Hearing scary or eerie music will definitely give someone the expectation of something scary.

Sound is powerful. Now, imagine simply reading a book. Without hearing anything, it can be just as powerful, that much can’t really be argued. But for every experience that one can have in life, imagine how much scarier or emotionally effective something is when it feels that much closer to you. Your imagination may play a large part in the process, but some may feel that saving you that trouble is that much sweeter. However, that’s a debate for another time.

Some great examples came from tonight’s radio show! The first story was a little difficult for me to hear (I don’t currently own any headphones), but from what I could pick up, there was a great sense of care in the delivery of the actors’ lines and the music/effects were well placed. If anything, I suppose that my point is that audio in storytelling adds a new layer of depth to something already great. And movies add yet another! Anyways, that’s enough musing for now.

Until next time!

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