Who am I?

This assignment revolved around expressing who you are in a single image. I find myself to be very complicated, so this took me a while. Most of the time actually went into trying to hone myself and accurately portray myself. As far as introductions go, I’d say this one was a fairly decent product. I found the images through Google and saved them directly to a folder I had labeled “DS106 WEEK 6.” From there, I uploaded the images into GIMP and spread them out.

This was honestly the most challenging and upsetting thing I’ve tried to do in a long while.

Anyway, after I’d compiled the images into one space, I tried to arrange them neatly (and went back and forth between Paint and GIMP to see what I thought looked best). I settled on GIMP because I’m a professional individual. And as an added bonus, I gave myself a royal purple background, as it’s my favorite color. To explain what each piece of the image means, however, look to the following:

J – The J in my name can relate to Josuke Higashikata, a character from the series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and the 4th (of 8) protagonists. He’s one of my favorite fictional characters and I feel as though I’d act a lot like him.

A – The A is for action. My life is packed with it and I’m always fighting crime.

M – The M is for muscles because I’m pretty damn strong. I’m sort of like a firmly rooted tree or a boulder in that sense. In other words, I rock. I also thought it would be funny to add the muscley torso to the explosion because an extremely jacked fire just sounds frightening.

E – Eagle. Two reasons: 1.) I’m a student at UMW, as are most of us here. And 2.) I’m just that fly.

S – Smooth. This is an image of Kazuhira Miller from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Hopefully, I don’t have to explain why his visage evokes the meaning of smooth.

And last, but not least: TA-DA!


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