Weekly Summary #5

I had a lot of fun messing around with audio projects this week. To be completely honest, though, I was dreading the thought of it all. But, I’m happy to say that by powering through it, I had a great time and learned how to better use Audacity (and plenty of file converters…).

The toughest of this week’s assignments were the Stars. We had 10 to do and I decided to focus on these three: the original poem, the low speed car chase commentary, and the “Real Hosuewife” tagline. For these, I simply used my laptop’s audio recorder and gave myself a couple of takes to make sure that everything sounded okay before I wrapped it all up. I was originally going to submit one of the singing assignments, choosing not to out of respect for my audience’s ears.

Next was my sound effect story– something that was beautifully simple, yet effective. I found some sounds and knew what I wanted to put together before I was sure what my story would be. Once I’d combined them in Audacity and done some housekeeping, I took what I had a brainstormed a short story to accompany it in the post.

I had some substantial comments to make about the idea of audio in storytelling here. And shared some brainstorms here for consctructive additions.

My magnum opus of the week: my radio bumper. It’s almost as if I have a voice that was made for radio! This took me much longer than I expected, but the reward definitely met the effort. Check it out!

And while you’re at it, look at my daily creates for the week. My personal favorite was today’s Talk Like A Pirate one (soundcloud link here)Here’s Thursday’s and Tuesdays!

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