Vonnegut’s Shape of Stories

I wasn’t sure what exactly the title of this video meant, but Vonnegut’s explanation of shapes won me over in the end. Every good story has its arcs, and while they need not necessarily follow the same flow, more formulaic ones will and they fit the mold Vonnegut speaks on. From there, I want to take some time to look at one of this week’s readings in particular, “Last Respects”, I’d say it best fit the second shape that Vonnegut drew on his graph. At some point before the beginning of the story, we know that Anna and Anthony met one another and fell in love. Fast forward to when the two of them were discovered by Anna’s uncle and we’d see a decline in the happiness they experienced. Instead of there being another rise at the end though, we would instead see a sharp decline that directly contrasts Cinderella’s sharp spike towards the positive.

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