Response to Last Respects

I’ve never read a comic in this series before but when I was younger I watched the TV version of Tales from the Crypt fairly regularly. Starting the comic, I wasn’t sure where the twist would be or what significant spookiness there’d be but I can surely say that it delivered in the end. I’m usually a sucker for a love story where the couple fights back against some improbable odds. Though, in my preference we avoid death in the end. Interestingly enough, though, this is still a good way to introduce emotion and suspense in storytelling by subverting any preconceived notions. I did expect someone to die, but I originally thought it would only be Anthony after some horrific reveal that he was actually a horrible person. When, at the ending, the Old Witch states that each one killed the other I had to pause for a brief moment in realization that it was more subtle that I originally thought. Though, while the uncle was cruel, he wasn’t directly responsible for Anna’s death. If anything, I say it was an unfortunate consequence of their circumstance. And, while Anthony died from formaldehyde poisoning, I hardly imagine it’s fair to blame a dead woman for that. But, for the sake of the commentary and the story itself, I understand the point it was trying to make. And, regardless of what I’ve said, please understand that I still think this was a fascinating work. I valued the pacing in the work too, especially near the part when Anthony admits to killing Anna’s uncle. I shouldn’t have been too surprised that it happened, but because he seemed like a well-meaning man and seemed obviously distressed I wanted to believe that he was just grieving in naturally. All in all, I’d say that reading this was worth it.

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