Radio Show Review! (Say that three times fast…)

So, for this post I’ll take a moment to discuss a radio show that wasn’t my own! Pretty straight-forward, right? Much like the oh-so wonderful production of the Edward Creepy Show! Right off the bat, the showrunners gave us a fright and I can honestly say that I never knew what was right around the corner. I didn’t think there were any glaring problems with it, either. Much like with my group’s show, there were moments that felt almost a little too quiet, but I could still hear it with my laptop’s volume cranked. It seemed to be well put together and I appreciated knowing that the group worked together ahead of time to create a script and then record individually– smart move!

I was particularly impressed by the voice modulation and the music that was used. It gave it a very genuine radioshow horror feel, which was definitely a good choice.

Great work!

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