Planet of the Vampires – A response

One of the things that I immediately noticed was the shifting of camera angles during dialogues. Whenever someone spoke, the camera shifted behind whomever was listening to give a clear view of them. Something as simple as that seems to work effectively because it breaks the mundanity of remaining still for too long. This dynamic camerawork, in addition to decent editing, prevents any scene from feeling to stagnant.

Design, where the set is concerned, seems flamboyantly sci-fi in a great and cheesy way. Having been filmed in the 60’s, it very much fits the aesthetic that a lot of sci-fi followed during the time.

Another thing to note is that the lighting seems to be very consistently dark throughout the movie. The contrast between bright(ish) colors in dark light serves as an interesting juxtaposition.

Overall, I’d say that the film was fairly well-shot and I appreciated the cuts made in editing. I think they aided the pacing of the film. And I enjoyed the ending! This was an interesting take on the introduction of vampires to Earth– most routes are supernatural.


(A quick note: was the audio slightly mistimed from the video? That seemed to be the case throughout, so I just thought to ask– if you did or didn’t notice, by all means, go look)

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