My Weekly Summary (#4)

I enjoyed doing this week’s work. While having very limited experience with photography in practice, I’ve studied it before and forgotten most everything that I’ve learned. However, I did find it interesting that this week focused more on it. To that end, I also enjoyed doing this week’s assignments. The first one that I tackled was the Photoblitz. I was walking around my office looking for interesting things to take pictures of and tried my best to compose images (I should probably hang around in more interesting places than business suites…).

I then wrote a post about my experiences with photography, talking a bit more about what I’ve done and learned before.

For my star assignments, I did a total of 4 for a grand total of 12 1/2. Of these, my posts including an edit of a one dollar bill, an edit of my face onto that of MLK, Jr. (a poor one, admittedly),  a collage of my bucket list, and an attempt at making a bottle cap seem larger than life.

For those interested in spooky photos, I found a cool app on my phone that allows you to add spooky specters and ghastly ghosties called Paranormal. Here’s my final result and a short story to go with it!

And for a brief review of some well-done aspects of The Shining, go no further!

This week’s process involved more thought that the previous ones and I get the sneaking suspicion that this will be a continuing trend.

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