Love at first shot

couple in love

They met during their junior year of college. He was shy and awkward at first, but she made him feel comfortable. With himself and with life.

His anxieties consumed him at times, generally in regards to social expectations, but his girlfriend was bright and calming.

“It’s okay to care about what people think, but sometimes you just need to worry about your own feelings. In other words, screw them!” – she’d say at least twice a day. She never seemed to grow tired of it, either. They were in love, everyone knew, but it was deeper than that. He needed her. And he was determined to let her know every day just how much she meant to him.

She loved the beach and always wanted him to go with her. For hours, they’d sit and stare at the waves, usually until the sun set. It was calming. There were no nerves, no worries, just the sound of the ocean and two warm hands, clasping each other for comfort.


I remember picking this image because it seemed familiar to me. Partially reminiscent of The Notebook, the image otherwise felt like a lot of other typical romantic beach scene. Even still, I think it was the contrast between the sunset and the couples’ silhouettes that I found most appealing. The odd textures around the border give me the impression that someone thought to make the picture seem older than it was. I wouldn’t say it worked, but it still created something interesting.

But a lot of this thinking was done through the process of writing the story that I included. It wasn’t something crazy unique, but I got the warm and fuzzies while I wrote it, partially because I identified with part of it.

What did I get out of this? Much of my high school and college career have been focus on writing creatively, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy or that it comes naturally. I stand by what I’ve written, though. I considered this assignment, like many others, to be practice for future writing. Every little thing just gets me one step closer to being better than I am.

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