Looking for something to aid in your scheduling?

Then try Buffer! I recently found it and I’d like to say that it seems pretty nifty on both a first and second glance! While looking for cool new tools to use, I stumbled upon this one on a list at Inc.com labeled ’10 Essential Online Tools You Should Be Using.’ Starting off, it asks you for a social media account to connect and, optionally, you may choose to add more than one right off the bat. I did, choosing to connect both my twitter handle (@jaaaaamesrives) and Facebook profile to them. Once I’d done that, I was greeted with a page telling me that “You’re a natural!”

Though, I had no doubts about that. Buffer is primarily used as a scheduler that allows you to post things to your other accounts automatically. So say you wanted to post the same thing to both Twitter and Facebook (as all reasonable people do, right?), then all you’d have to do is schedule how often you wanted to share these posts and send them through Buffer. From there, it’ll make your post and any subsequent ones based on when you tell it to.

Here’s a look at what mine looks like:

My Buffer Dashboard

All in all, I’d say that while this tool doesn’t seem like the most important in the shed, it’s definitely a time-saver and just screams convenience. Check it out!

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