Victor Barethean. A man of indeterminate age (though he looks to be mid-30’s). Short, dark hair and a thick mustache. No one’s sure what his eye color is, but some reports suggest that he suffers from heterochromia: one eye is said to be green and the other… changes. At times it will appear blue-ish gray. Other times, reddish-yellow. He fancies himself a classy individual but believes in personal comfort above all. When he’s telling his stories he always wears old Hawaiian shirts with khaki suspenders and boat shoes.

As with all horror hosts, he seemingly takes undue interest in the misery of others but will just as quickly pretend that it’s genuine concern and sadness. No one’s entirely sure how it is that he came to tell these stories, and anyone’s that ever asked has been given a different answer. Some say he started back in the 80’s as a DJ for some pop radio that eventually fell on hard times (which would make his age even more questionable). Others say he’s only been in business for a couple of years and has been researching grisly tales to tell for years. He stockpiles newspaper clippings in his booth and replaces them every few months, taking his favorites down and placing them into picture frames that adorn the room.

No matter what his story is, there is one indisputable factL He’s here, he’s telling these stories, and it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere.

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