A response to our wonderful viewings this week

I think it’s safe to say that our viewings this week met the bar in terms of spookiness. Why, though? While I can’t say I’m afflicted by pediophobia, I don’t like the idea of usually inanimate things coming to life. It may seem cute when watching Toy Story but in all actuality, it doesn’t exactly seem right to me. Having seen the Twilight Zone episode before, going into it again was not a pleasant experience for me. While suspenseful things generally don’t bother me (gore does, though), it’s the slow burning and subtle creepiness that the show is generally known for that will casually slide its way under my skin.

in the Trilogy of Terror, story three: Amelia, I really don’t know what I expected. Maybe I’m a secret pediophobe, maybe not but one thing I do know is that killer dolls that seem persistent in a most unflattering sense (and quite honestly look rather mean) are not my cup of tea. But for all the things I could say about what frightens me pertaining to this story, I can also say that it was well done. Not the most high budget production in the world but hey, whatever. If it does the job it seeks to do, it’s a success (sort of). Would I do the same given the same situation? Maybe, maybe not. I feel that if the doll didn’t have a little spear, I’d have kicked it into the garbage disposal or something or just punched it until it was broken. Point is, it achieved its goal… at least in my eyes.

The one that had the least creepy-factor, in my opinion, may have been the Night Gallery piece. I still found that it worked well and the pacing was probably my favorite thing about it. I look forward to seeing more, though.

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