A meaningful response to Bryan Alexander and Shira Chess

Bryan Alexander makes a good point in his work about digital storytelling being a constantly changing thing. Following the nature of technology itself, it would be hard to expect anything to stay the same for too long, to which he adds that “social media  evolve at a very rapid speed” — a statement the more or less corroborates that thought. But what I thought was most interesting about his piece on it was that it dealt with the idea of permanence in regards to digital stories themselves. With everything going at a much faster pace, it’s hard to know how long anything will last online (servers shut down, links idle and are replaced by different ones). What that means to me, though, is that digital storytelling is something that should be savored. The more anything is shared, the more interactive it is, the better chances there may be that works will last. With digital caches, it’s possible to save records of these things for years to come but I feel that exposure is the best route.

In regards to Chess’ piece, she details the origin of The Slender Man, a creature that has gained most of its popularity in recent years even. This is actually a great example of how digital storytelling works best. There are countless people that can say they’ve at least heard about Slender Man once or twice in their lives because of the attention its gained and the subsequent video games and web series‘ its inspired.

I found both pieces to be fairly well-written and the material was inspired, both prompted me to think a bit more about what digital storytelling truly means. Sometimes I find myself forgetting that it involves multiple media– my definition is sometimes stuck to writing alone.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading over your post! You shared very insightful information regarding Bryan Alexander’s reading that we had to do. I agree that both post were very well written and easy to understand.

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