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Week 3 Summary

I may have said the same thing last week, but I truly believe this week I’ve outdone myself. I even took on a couple of extra projects for the heck of it (a visual one and another web assignment). Aside from that, I focused my readings on the comic “Last Respects” and the story by Shirley Jackson, “The Lottery.”  You can find my responses respectively: here and here. I chose those two because I’ve come to enjoy reading our selections in this class I followed my gut once again. I wasn’t disappointed and I felt both were true examples of the horror genre but in vastly different ways. Whether prose or graphic novel style, I came to appreciate the narrative present in both. In addition to those, I watched Kurt Vonnegut’s short lecture on the shape of stories and likened one of those shapes to the story told in “Last Respects”. I wrote about that here.

I probably had the most fun with this week’s Daily Creates. An aspiring poet, I had the most fun with the ones from 9/9 and 9/10. The Daily Create for today, 9/11, was a bit challenging. I’m an avid fan of making puns but I hardly use movies titles to do that. I wasn’t exactly pleased with my finished product, but hey! We don’t always like what we produce, we just keep going until something better pops out.

I also had a bit of fun messing around with the writing assignments for this week. From writing a story about a magical echidna, to an alphabet story (that makes at least some sense, by the way), to describing what I had for lunch today— which was pretty darn good, by the way.

Want to know one thing that really got the creative juices flowing, though? My character introduction for my horror host (definitely still a work in progress, but the ball’s currently rolling).

Here’s to the end of a great week as we look forward to an even better one!

Weekly Summary

This week’s work was definitely more fulfilling in my opinion. I found a new scheduling tool to streamline my social media use, Buffer, and have messed around with it a little bit. After doing that I posted about it here! I’ve been enjoying analyzing our different viewings and readings, too. I found them to be informative and interestingly thought-provoking. I would probably say that I connected more to the ideas that Bryan Alexander presented in his Web 2.0 piece.

Where my posts are concerned, I took a bit of pause in trying to adequately provide enough insight into what I appreciated about each thing we’ve reviewed. Of these posts, though, my favorite may be one of the Star assignments– my haikus. As a self-proclaimed poet, I revel in any opportunity that I have to write poems for class.

And here are my daily creates: here!

My Weekly Summary

This week was definitely a learning experience for me. Having never trying to write a horror story before, I found myself in a difficult place while doing the main part of this week’s assignment. I’m not a huge fan of horror in the first place. Suspenseful movies rarely scare me and I refuse to watch anything with heavy gore (except for The Evil Dead 2). However, I learned that a great part of learning to create horror is understanding atmosphere and what it is that truly frightens people. Usually, that means the supernatural or things that are simply beyond one’s control. Perhaps even a sense of helplessness.

But on the bright side, the easier side of this week was setting up all of the social media accounts (I had like half of them already set up). Next week, I’d like to try my hand at better understanding how to write whatever story we have to next. Other than that, this has been a treat so far and I look forward to the rest.