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Weekly Summary 15 — The End.

Well, I can’t really say too much about this week other than goodbye to you all. It’s been a wonderful semester and I’ve truly learned a lot about the craft of digital storytelling!

If you want to see some of the work I’ve done this week (aka the final project), come check it out here!

A lot of time and effort went into this, particularly where the story and game are concerned. I’d like to continue polishing them over time, but I hope you enjoy them as they stand.


Until next time.

Week 15: The Final Spookening – Final Project INBOUND.

It’s here.

To give you an idea of what my final project’s all about it, it’s this: Victor’s past is being revealed! Throughout this semester he’s been a real hard one to pin down and interview. What makes it even more difficult is that he doesn’t seem to talk much about his life and we’ve no records of any actual relatives. However, the truth is now being made clear for those of you who’re interested.


We begin with a bit of context about who Victor is. Because without that, what’s the point of any of this, right? Well, to detail that, I’ve created a Google Doc sheet that gives a summary of what we already know and don’t know about good old Victor. Followed is a brief list of his likes and dislikes.



Category; Writing

Next, we have an interactive fiction piece created using Inkle Writer. Without giving away too many spoilers, this story deals with a young man named Jonathan on his quest to reunite with his beloved and long-lost brother Victor.


>>>> Circumstance <<<<

The story then continues in the “game” I created using Inform 7.

Medium: Web/(game) Design

After our adventure with Jonathan has come to a close, we meet a new protagonist trapped in one of Victor’s old homes. In it, he discovers an old servant of Victor’s that still maintains the home. Why is he trapped there? Will he ever escape? This won’t be easy, but patience shall reward those that persevere!


Category: Visual

A reporter has uncovered a stack of old wanted posters that bear a striking resemblance to someone familiar. Can you guess who that may be?

This image was one of the first ever captured of Victor, way back in the 1890’s. He was a huge fan of designer sunglasses, it seems.






This image was take in 1946. While the name reads ‘Ellis Maynard,’ we can clearly tell that this is still Victor. He was in hiding once again while using this name. But he wouldn’t be for long…





Having eluded capture once again, Victor returns to using his actual name while slightly changing his old last name. At this point, no one’s really suspicious of him anymore as most people who would’ve been are mysteriously dying left and right.





This most recent wanted poster, created in 1987, was commissioned by a special task force that reported directly to the president. It’s unclear how Ronald Reagan became aware of Victor’s crimes, but this wanted poster wound up lost for a reason…




A test post (for now).

I wanted to let you all know that your patience has been appreciated. While we’re all starting to wind ourselves up for that final stretch of exams, I wanted to give another update for my final project.

I’ve finished my InkleWriter story, which will count as a Writing component for this story, and the Inform 7 story/game, which I will count as a Web component!

In addition to those, I thought it’d be a good idea to take that Wanted Poster assignment from over in the Design section and make some cool additions.

Current progress: 80%

I’ll have more updates as the night goes on!


UPDATE: My final piece of the puzzle will be inspired by the Fanfiction Assignment list. Namely, the “Create Your Own Character” assignment!

My entire plan with this project was to give different perspectives to Victor’s past. Through the story, the game, the writing and the wanted posters, I would hope to accomplish that!

Progress: 99%


Week 13 Progress Report!

Hi guys, I’m really excited to make this post because I’m just overflowing with ideas right now. I’ve been keeping things a little low key this week and, as of right now, I won’t be showing what I’ve been working on. BUT! I will let everyone know a little about what they can/should reasonably expect!

So, we’ve got to tell a story using four mediums and I have a solid idea for three of them. The first two are based in and inspired by writing and web assignments and will utilize Inkle Writer and Inform 7. Now, for those who’re wondering what those are: Inkle Writer is a fairly easy way to create an interactive story that follows different paths that you create along the way. You can loop the story, create “game over” scenarios, include items as prizes, etc. With Inform, there’s much of the same. However, Inkle Writer is much more web-based, while Inform requires a bit of finesse with coding. It follows a technical language that’s a lot more lax than some others (http, Java, C++), but has a specific index of terms and instructions that it understands. Through that, you can create a world and a game, create plot, include items, achievements, goals, you name it. You’re only limited by your own understanding, basically.

The third idea is to take one of my older videos and brush it up a tad. Straightforward, right?

Anyways, so far, my progress has been limited to me starting on the Inform story and creating an outline for my Inkle Writer addition. If you want to see more, though, keep your eyes on my blog for the following week and I’ll surprise you with some cool treats!


Thanks, y’all. BYE!


This week was filled with mixes and mashes and remixes galore. After another challenging set of tasks, I sit before you all having become a stronger man.


Please, enjoy the fruits of my labor.

My Mashups!

1. ) Emoji/Friend Mashup – Here.

2.) This Doesn’t Belong Here – Here.

3.) Inappropriate Laughter – Here (I’d like to add this to the weekly showcase!).

















Weekly Summary #9

(And this one’s super on time!)

This week was a light load, relatively speaking. My process with a lot of this week’s work was slow and steady. Much of my prep work was laid out earlier in the week and I rapid-fire finished everything that was left on Friday! It’s like slowly pulling back a rubberband and then letting it snap forward, y’know?

Of these assignments, I actually took the opportunity to collaborate with a classmate of mine, the one and only  , proprietor of That Spooky Blog! We decided to write haikus and each tackled one! They were thematically related and I’m pleased with the work we did there. It was fairly simple, but required thought as all poetry should. Here’s a link to the goodness that is our combined artistry.

I also worked on a t-shirt design and gave it a familiar backstory. In this, Victor’s longtime friend (or perhaps ex-friend) Aaron of the Grade A Gruesome troupe gifted him the shift a few years after their meeting. I’d say it’s rather touching, given what happens later between the two. Here’s a look at the post detailing that!

And then there’s the assignment using Kumu! I used it to create a character map of suspects involved in Victor’s supposed death. He, however, is very much alive. Victor filed a report with the police who acknowledge the attack, but aren’t convinced that the GAG group had anything to do with it. Pft, whatever, right? They currently have a barebones map of the individuals involved in their attempt to figure our who’s responsible.

Shocking! This just in about my beloved host character Victor! Apparently some of the rumors surrounding his longevity seem to hold true. Apparently he formerly went by the name James Rives and, before joining the DS106 crowd, had a wanted poster created for his bounty! Sheesh!

I also wrote up a short review for a radio show that I listened to this week! With that came some livetweets during the show– here are just a few.

This week’s comments:

Weekly Summary #8 — Radio Show = DONE!

(Apologies for the lateness. This darn post just didn’t want to be posted!)

This week was definitely work-filled. Like I said in my radio show progress post yesterday, that’s what I’ve been up to with my awesome group! We met twice and hammered out a lot of good material, with our final product found here! I look forward to hearing everyone’s shows and I hope you enjoy ours, too.

Other than that, I created some nice Daily Creates! I also did my best to leave some encouraging words on people blogs to let them know that they have support in their classmates! Honestly, with our prior audio weeks, I’ve come to understand just how time consuming all the work can be. However, I’ve also come to understand just how rewarding it is to put forth that much effort with groupmates that are equally enthusiastic. The feeling of pride when we completed our show was unsurmountable, to say the least.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great week!

Weekly Summary #6

This week was a rough one. I learned quite a lot about myself through our assignments. One, that I appreciate the aesthetics and value of visual art. Two, that I’m not very good at the execution of design. I was much better when I wasn’t out of practice.

Anyways, I had some fun (when I wasn’t frustrating myself) with this week’s assignments! Reading through the Vignelli Canon was an interesting and informative way to spend about an hour of my time. I’ve always been at least somewhat intrigued by the nature of art in our society and the ways we can go about producing and displaying it. Even through the making of books, the types of paper used and the designs involved become chief.

My response on the subject should reflect what I’ve learned. I hope you find something interesting about it and that we can discuss it! Here’s a link!

Responding to The Planet of the Vampires was equally interesting, honestly, because I don’t find myself thinking critically about movies too often. When I do I try to make sure that my insights are substantial and that they’re both informed and as objective as possible (meaning that, while preference is important, I recognize that something is done well even if I don’t like it). I’d say it was a great pick for this week’s viewing.

My greatest challenge came in the form of our star assignments. I’d already made it a habit to try at least one 4-star assignment per week and this week I did three assignments total, for an even amount of 12 stars.

The first of these was the “Who are YOU?!” assignment. I can easily say this was the most difficult part because I have no clue how best to describe myself through image. I knew exactly which ones I wanted to use, but to say I did a good job with that would be an extremely generous offering. Regardless, this was about an hour and a half of me trying to find a way to properly place these images together. I had a spark of inspiration, after misunderstanding the rectangle selection tool for the fourth time, that led to me wanting to make the eyes a focus between the different parts. I had each image on a separate layer and I wanted each image to have a transparent background so make combining them easier. I wasn’t sure how to do that (I’ll learn soon, I promise), so I instead, I just followed by gut. Now, by no means am I happy with what I did, but that doesn’t mean I’m not proud. I’ll definitely touch it up later and make it even cooler! VOILA!

Next would be the Make Your Own Wallpaper assignment. Simple, yet fun! I used GIMP for this, too. I detailed my process here.

I also did the Make Your Own Maze. I’d like to think that my maze was pretty decent, especially for a first shot at it. I used paint and made my lines with the line tool (some were made with rectangles). I decided that a pentagon would be an interesting shape for it, so I just rolled with the decision. Here’s the final product.

Shifting over to the more sentimental side of this week, I also had a bit of fun with the Love At First Shot assignment. I wrote a short story about a picture of a couple that I found from Bing and had some fun with it! Hopefully you will, too. Here, for your reading pleasure.

Weekly Summary #5

I had a lot of fun messing around with audio projects this week. To be completely honest, though, I was dreading the thought of it all. But, I’m happy to say that by powering through it, I had a great time and learned how to better use Audacity (and plenty of file converters…).

The toughest of this week’s assignments were the Stars. We had 10 to do and I decided to focus on these three: the original poem, the low speed car chase commentary, and the “Real Hosuewife” tagline. For these, I simply used my laptop’s audio recorder and gave myself a couple of takes to make sure that everything sounded okay before I wrapped it all up. I was originally going to submit one of the singing assignments, choosing not to out of respect for my audience’s ears.

Next was my sound effect story– something that was beautifully simple, yet effective. I found some sounds and knew what I wanted to put together before I was sure what my story would be. Once I’d combined them in Audacity and done some housekeeping, I took what I had a brainstormed a short story to accompany it in the post.

I had some substantial comments to make about the idea of audio in storytelling here. And shared some brainstorms here for consctructive additions.

My magnum opus of the week: my radio bumper. It’s almost as if I have a voice that was made for radio! This took me much longer than I expected, but the reward definitely met the effort. Check it out!

And while you’re at it, look at my daily creates for the week. My personal favorite was today’s Talk Like A Pirate one (soundcloud link here)Here’s Thursday’s and Tuesdays!

My Weekly Summary (#4)

I enjoyed doing this week’s work. While having very limited experience with photography in practice, I’ve studied it before and forgotten most everything that I’ve learned. However, I did find it interesting that this week focused more on it. To that end, I also enjoyed doing this week’s assignments. The first one that I tackled was the Photoblitz. I was walking around my office looking for interesting things to take pictures of and tried my best to compose images (I should probably hang around in more interesting places than business suites…).

I then wrote a post about my experiences with photography, talking a bit more about what I’ve done and learned before.

For my star assignments, I did a total of 4 for a grand total of 12 1/2. Of these, my posts including an edit of a one dollar bill, an edit of my face onto that of MLK, Jr. (a poor one, admittedly),  a collage of my bucket list, and an attempt at making a bottle cap seem larger than life.

For those interested in spooky photos, I found a cool app on my phone that allows you to add spooky specters and ghastly ghosties called Paranormal. Here’s my final result and a short story to go with it!

And for a brief review of some well-done aspects of The Shining, go no further!

This week’s process involved more thought that the previous ones and I get the sneaking suspicion that this will be a continuing trend.