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Assignment Idea

Professor Bond gave me the idea to use part of my final project as an idea for future DS106 assignments! So I wrote up a short set of instructions for an assignment and posted it here!

The assignment involves using Inform 7 to create a short game! In this case, the assignment asks that the participant aim to create at least 4 rooms and include 5-10 items. The program itself includes plentiful guides and walkthroughs, so taking time to become acquainted with it is definitely recommended.



Week 15: The Final Spookening – Final Project INBOUND.

It’s here.

To give you an idea of what my final project’s all about it, it’s this: Victor’s past is being revealed! Throughout this semester he’s been a real hard one to pin down and interview. What makes it even more difficult is that he doesn’t seem to talk much about his life and we’ve no records of any actual relatives. However, the truth is now being made clear for those of you who’re interested.


We begin with a bit of context about who Victor is. Because without that, what’s the point of any of this, right? Well, to detail that, I’ve created a Google Doc sheet that gives a summary of what we already know and don’t know about good old Victor. Followed is a brief list of his likes and dislikes.



Category; Writing

Next, we have an interactive fiction piece created using Inkle Writer. Without giving away too many spoilers, this story deals with a young man named Jonathan on his quest to reunite with his beloved and long-lost brother Victor.


>>>> Circumstance <<<<

The story then continues in the “game” I created using Inform 7.

Medium: Web/(game) Design

After our adventure with Jonathan has come to a close, we meet a new protagonist trapped in one of Victor’s old homes. In it, he discovers an old servant of Victor’s that still maintains the home. Why is he trapped there? Will he ever escape? This won’t be easy, but patience shall reward those that persevere!


Category: Visual

A reporter has uncovered a stack of old wanted posters that bear a striking resemblance to someone familiar. Can you guess who that may be?

This image was one of the first ever captured of Victor, way back in the 1890’s. He was a huge fan of designer sunglasses, it seems.






This image was take in 1946. While the name reads ‘Ellis Maynard,’ we can clearly tell that this is still Victor. He was in hiding once again while using this name. But he wouldn’t be for long…





Having eluded capture once again, Victor returns to using his actual name while slightly changing his old last name. At this point, no one’s really suspicious of him anymore as most people who would’ve been are mysteriously dying left and right.





This most recent wanted poster, created in 1987, was commissioned by a special task force that reported directly to the president. It’s unclear how Ronald Reagan became aware of Victor’s crimes, but this wanted poster wound up lost for a reason…




Another cool addition to my repertoire of tools…

Following last week’s success in finding a new tool to use, I decided to try my hand at finding another. Do you open way too many tabs while using your web browser? Does it make surfing and multi-tasking online a difficult task?

Well, fear not. This handy tool that I’ve found, TooManyTabs, seeks to remedy that! Found on a article titled “11 Cool Online Tools You Should Know About,” TooManyTabs is a program that will allow you to view your tabs differently to better maintain them. It also boasts the ability to allow its users to arrange them by domain, title, even creation time!

Hopefully these apps help you as they have me!

If the links above don’t work, here’s their tagline if you aren’t convinced yet:

Ever tried having 20 tabs or more open in Chrome? You can’t even see the favicon of the tabs, not to mention the tab titles! If that happens to you, TooManyTabs is a must-have extension that manages your tabs, reduces your tab overflow, and saves your sanity!

From the makers of TooManyTabs for Firefox, TMT has come to Chrome to help all your tab needs!

Looking for something to aid in your scheduling?

Then try Buffer! I recently found it and I’d like to say that it seems pretty nifty on both a first and second glance! While looking for cool new tools to use, I stumbled upon this one on a list at labeled ’10 Essential Online Tools You Should Be Using.’ Starting off, it asks you for a social media account to connect and, optionally, you may choose to add more than one right off the bat. I did, choosing to connect both my twitter handle (@jaaaaamesrives) and Facebook profile to them. Once I’d done that, I was greeted with a page telling me that “You’re a natural!”

Though, I had no doubts about that. Buffer is primarily used as a scheduler that allows you to post things to your other accounts automatically. So say you wanted to post the same thing to both Twitter and Facebook (as all reasonable people do, right?), then all you’d have to do is schedule how often you wanted to share these posts and send them through Buffer. From there, it’ll make your post and any subsequent ones based on when you tell it to.

Here’s a look at what mine looks like:

My Buffer Dashboard

All in all, I’d say that while this tool doesn’t seem like the most important in the shed, it’s definitely a time-saver and just screams convenience. Check it out!