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Week 15: The Final Spookening – Final Project INBOUND.

It’s here.

To give you an idea of what my final project’s all about it, it’s this: Victor’s past is being revealed! Throughout this semester he’s been a real hard one to pin down and interview. What makes it even more difficult is that he doesn’t seem to talk much about his life and we’ve no records of any actual relatives. However, the truth is now being made clear for those of you who’re interested.


We begin with a bit of context about who Victor is. Because without that, what’s the point of any of this, right? Well, to detail that, I’ve created a Google Doc sheet that gives a summary of what we already know and don’t know about good old Victor. Followed is a brief list of his likes and dislikes.



Category; Writing

Next, we have an interactive fiction piece created using Inkle Writer. Without giving away too many spoilers, this story deals with a young man named Jonathan on his quest to reunite with his beloved and long-lost brother Victor.


>>>> Circumstance <<<<

The story then continues in the “game” I created using Inform 7.

Medium: Web/(game) Design

After our adventure with Jonathan has come to a close, we meet a new protagonist trapped in one of Victor’s old homes. In it, he discovers an old servant of Victor’s that still maintains the home. Why is he trapped there? Will he ever escape? This won’t be easy, but patience shall reward those that persevere!


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A reporter has uncovered a stack of old wanted posters that bear a striking resemblance to someone familiar. Can you guess who that may be?

This image was one of the first ever captured of Victor, way back in the 1890’s. He was a huge fan of designer sunglasses, it seems.






This image was take in 1946. While the name reads ‘Ellis Maynard,’ we can clearly tell that this is still Victor. He was in hiding once again while using this name. But he wouldn’t be for long…





Having eluded capture once again, Victor returns to using his actual name while slightly changing his old last name. At this point, no one’s really suspicious of him anymore as most people who would’ve been are mysteriously dying left and right.





This most recent wanted poster, created in 1987, was commissioned by a special task force that reported directly to the president. It’s unclear how Ronald Reagan became aware of Victor’s crimes, but this wanted poster wound up lost for a reason…




A paranormal happening…

That’s the last time I ever take a selfie with this old phone, I swear. I knew this thing was a piece of junk when I bought it, but I suppose there’s no accounting for taste… I just wanted something that would work when and if I needed to make calls, text someone, or listen to music in the car. But recently, something odd’s happened. Well, odd isn’t really the word for it– more like freaking creepy as hell. I was just in the living room of my apartment, minding my own business, when I decided to take a selfie. And, as I did, I noticed some weird image in the corner… Now, I’m not one to believe in ghosts, but I know haunted when I see it. Take a look for yourselves…


spooky image

Larger Than Life




At risk of sounding like a bad commercial, I chose to use this bottle cap because I’ve recently embraced being 21 and found this cap to be interesting. I suppose I just like the way to logo fits perfectly onto the face of it? I guess that’s one way to put it.

I will say this, though. That bottle cap’s larger than life for one reason: it’s a little bold. 



larger than life

Super Duper Collage







Super Duper Collage

This here is my bucket list collage! I’ve always wanted to skydive, despite my immense fear of heights. I’ve also wanted to climb a mountain (I have before, but I want to climb a larger one). Then, once I’ve conquered my fear of heights and mountain lions, I’d like to hang glide! It seems a lot more frightening to me than skydiving, honestly, but maybe I’d be up for the challenge once I’ve taken care of one hurdle. And lastly, but not least, I’d like to build  a castle (or live in one, at least) because how would that NOT make for a great story?

The Forrest Gump Project

When thinking of what to do for this assignment, my first thought was to place myself onto an image of MLK, Jr. Why? When I was little, I was often said to look a lot like him (I never saw the resemblance…). This isn’t my best work, but I think it turned out fairly decent. It’s decent enough to make me laugh, at least.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to find two images that would work well together and, despite my inadequacy with most photo-editing programs, I managed.

Here’s the final product! And, yes, I did try to remove those weird splotches on the side of my face.  Enjoy:

mlk jr with my face