Selfie Story

A day in the life of Victor: a rare glimpse, indeed.

Little did anyone know that Victor was a student (or that he was so photogenic)!

I used snapchat to save the images to my phone and caption them, then transferred the images to my laptop and inserted them into Windows Movie Maker. From there, I uploaded the saved video onto YouTube!

EDIT: After much consideration and hours of intense thought, I’ve updated my video with a better version!

6 thoughts on “Selfie Story”

  1. I found myself wanting to tap the mouse again to get it to cycle to the next photo, like you can do on Snapchat! I think it would have been cool if there was some background music or something, but still a nice job!

  2. I liked that this video gave a highlight of everything that happened to you that day and your reactions were spot on. I agree with Nora and that having some type of sound maybe a song that was stuck in your head would have added to the video. Other than that good job!

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