Scary Sound Effect Story

This assignment was a lot of fun! I went through and found some clips that fit what I wanted to do with my story. From there, I placed them into Audacity and changed some things around. With some of the shorter clips, I decided it would be best if I rearranged them or had to occur more than once to keep with the rhythm of everything else. For the longer ones, I mostly left those alone in order to establish some sense of continuity and balance. Having said that, I feel like I treat this story more like a song and I like the way it sounds!

Imagine a man. He’s sitting inside his living room, scared. Outside is a ghostly wailing he’s all too familiar with, followed by the thud of a spectre banging against the wooden doorframe. As the man sits there, cold and afraid, he can’t help but scream when realizing the depth of his terror. Chains rattle around the door as the ghost continues to bang. Bang. Bang. Until finally it breaks in! It whips its chains around the man’s neck and snaps it! All that’s heard is the ghost’s banging and one final scream.

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