My A-Maze-ing Puzzle

I can truthfully say that I’ve never attempted to make a maze before. As a first attempt, I used paint. Short, simple, to the point. I used the line tool to make most of the segments that you’ll see, but I also decided to use the rectangle tool and then make careful erasures for some of the more complex shapes. It took about ten minutes to complete and there’s still much more that can be done to it.

Here it is, for those of you brave enough to attempt it!

One thought on “My A-Maze-ing Puzzle”

  1. I also did this assignment for design week, and also took a similar approach. Putting in the walls and then making the paths is a very efficient way of putting together a sufficient maze. One thing I will add is that it is fun to experiment with further additional shapes (as you did with the pentagon). You can potentially make an even more intricate maze, although at the cost of making the maze disorientating and hurtful to look at. My example can be found at if you care to take a look

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