Week 13 Progress Report!

Hi guys, I’m really excited to make this post because I’m just overflowing with ideas right now. I’ve been keeping things a little low key this week and, as of right now, I won’t be showing what I’ve been working on. BUT! I will let everyone know a little about what they can/should reasonably expect!

So, we’ve got to tell a story using four mediums and I have a solid idea for three of them. The first two are based in and inspired by writing and web assignments and will utilize Inkle Writer and Inform 7. Now, for those who’re wondering what those are: Inkle Writer is a fairly easy way to create an interactive story that follows different paths that you create along the way. You can loop the story, create “game over” scenarios, include items as prizes, etc. With Inform, there’s much of the same. However, Inkle Writer is much more web-based, while Inform requires a bit of finesse with coding. It follows a technical language that’s a lot more lax than some others (http, Java, C++), but has a specific index of terms and instructions that it understands. Through that, you can create a world and a game, create plot, include items, achievements, goals, you name it. You’re only limited by your own understanding, basically.

The third idea is to take one of my older videos and brush it up a tad. Straightforward, right?

Anyways, so far, my progress has been limited to me starting on the Inform story and creating an outline for my Inkle Writer addition. If you want to see more, though, keep your eyes on my blog for the following week and I’ll surprise you with some cool treats!


Thanks, y’all. BYE!


This week was filled with mixes and mashes and remixes galore. After another challenging set of tasks, I sit before you all having become a stronger man.


Please, enjoy the fruits of my labor.

My Mashups!

1. ) Emoji/Friend Mashup – Here.

2.) This Doesn’t Belong Here – Here.

3.) Inappropriate Laughter – Here (I’d like to add this to the weekly showcase!).

















Metal Gear Solid (w/ Laugh Track)!

For this assignment, labeled Inappropriate Laughter, I downloaded a cutscene from Metal Gear Solid and decided to add some laughter to it. I watched/listened to the entire video more than a couple of times and tried to find the best moments to fit in the laughter. I’d like to believe I did a good job. I downloaded the YouTube video using a third party web application and then inserted it into Windows Movie Maker (WMM). After that, I found an audio clip of a laugh track on YouTube (freesound only had children’s laughs and coffee shop sounds), and inserted that as well. I copy/pasted the track at the appropriate times and had fun with it.

This assignment was worth 2.5 stars.


What’s a remix without a little Jack Nicholson? Victor recently decided he was going to start his own company and, being an avid fan of dental hygiene, figured he’d try his hand at the toothpaste trade. With Jack Nicholson’s permission, he released an ad based on The Shining. He wanted it to be subtle, though. Thoughts?

im not gonna hurt ya im just gonna BRUSH YOUR TEETH

This was created for the This Doesn’t Belong Here assignment! It’s worth 4 stars.

Emoji/Friend Mashup of the Week!

I thought it’d be fun to do this assignment as one of my Mashup/Remixes! And, of course, I was right. The hardest part was actually trying to find a picture of my good friend Carter that would actually fit an emoji. Then inspiration struck me and I remembered some old pictures from sophomore year.

I used MS paint to combine the two images and found an emoji sheet on google. The picture of Carter’s from Facebook.

Bon appetit!

finished ds106 thing


This assignment was worth 3.5 stars.

Weekly Summary #11

This week was filled with a lot of video and audio editing, but I can’t say that it wasn’t fun. I made all of these in Windows Movie Maker with audio courtesy of YouTube. Of the many assignments I chose to do to fulfill my star total of 16, I present to you the following:

First would be the Selfie Story, an assignment that was worth 4.5 stars.

It was a simple WMM job and I had fun making it. I was originally sitting in class when I decided to start documenting my day after a classmate said some… peculiar things. Read about my Selfie Story here! 4.5 stars.

Then came the Lip-Syncing video. My friends have already caught wind of the video and find it hilarious. Here’s hoping that you do, too. 3.5 stars.

Up next is The Moving Object. I honestly just like the way my mouse looks and its much easier to see the cool lights in the dark.  3.5 stars.

And then there’s the High School Memories assignment, rounding out my total to an even 16 stars.

My Daily Creates

My compilation of comments!

1.) Here! 

2.) Then, this one!

3.) And this one. 

4.) Here! 

5.) But let’s not forget this one!

6.) Another wonderful addition.

7.) Probably my favorite.

8.) We’re almost through!


10.) FIN


High School Memories

Not much is known about when or where Victor attended high school, but it’s become apparently clear that he shares a striking resemblance to a man named James Rives. Is there any connection there?

That’s for you to decide.

I mashed the photos together in Windows Movie Maker and converted the song using a YouTube to MP3 converter, then added captions to my pictures.

This assignment was worth 4.5 stars.